About Us

JB Motors Limited is a Limited Liability Company. Being in service for over 15 years, our principal objective has been to provide high quality motor repair and maintenance solutions for all classes of motor vehicles. Over the years, we have built a reputation as a quality conscious company, flexible, innovative and with excellent delivery of services. At JB Motors Limited we have learned to take special interest in each of our customer's individual needs. Our philosophy as professionals in the motor industry is to exert every effort to provide the best service.

An image of JB Motors showing the premises from a side view. The JB Motors limited white board is seen.

Our mission

To provide our client with a customized one-stop Auto solution center where all their Auto needs are met by a professional service provider.

Our vision

To become the premier Auto solution provider of choice within the region and about.

Our Core Values


Deliver quality services and respond skillfullly to our clients' needs, exceeding their expectations.


Upholding strong moral principles and ethical standard during our operation.


Be creative and open new frontiers in the motor vehicle industry.


Being able to commit to a promise issued.

Our Team

At JB Motors, we emphasize on professionalism as a prerequisite to efficient and excellent services to our clients. To achieve this, JB Motors has a team of highly qualified and dedicated staff in management, marketing, customer care, mechanical repairs and bodyworks. Additionally, we have established a wide network of associates whose technical expertise is available to us and when required.

Customer Care

Part of our team includes a highly trained customer care team with the sole role of issuing updates to clients, hence help in responding to concerns and handle complaints.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We are in partnership with various educational institutions towards facilitating in-house automotive training for many underpriviledged young men and women in the country.

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